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Born on the 17th. August 1947 in Brandizzo, Turin, Luciano Cappellari spent his childhood in Venice, a place to which, over the years, he has frequently returned for brief periods.
He attended the “Primo Liceo Artistico” where he passed his finals and then continued his studies through courses of the Master “Enrico Paulucci”, , that were held at the closely connected “Accademia Albertina of Turin”, where he graduated in 1972.
He graduated in Architecture at the Turin Polytechnic with the thesis:
“Qualitative Analysis Prospective in the Building Field”.
He taught Artistic Disciplines in middle school and was a teacher of Artistic Subjects at the “Liceo Artistico” of Novara. He then taught at the “Liceo Artistico Cottini” of Turin. He is presently at the “Primo Liceo Artistico” of Turin, where he has also been the Deputy Headmaster. He was one of the winners of the National Open Competition for the teaching post at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1992.
Cappellari was one of the founders and Presidents of the A.L.A.( already pupils at the Artistic School) association formed in 1995.
He has shown both in Italy and aboard since 1969, and has received prizes and been given recognition by critics and the press. In 1970 he was awarded the First Prize for Young Artists organized by the City of Turin (the painting is held at the GAM [Gallery of Modern Art]in Turin).his works are to be found in both private and public collections.
His pictorial research, starting from the human figure, has weaved its way through to a representation of primary elements such as light, water, atmosphere, emptiness, and time using singular and personal techniques.
As an architect he deals with buildings, interior restructuring and furniture. He has recently planned and designed Funeral Monuments in Turin cemeteries where the atheistic-symbolic research is combined with technological proposals in the use of contemporary materials.
He took part in, 1977, and won the planning and design Open competition for Works of Art placement, creating for the middle school, “Varallo Pombia (Novara), a installation-game “ Moving Outlines to Variable Compositions”.
In 2000, as the winner of an Artistic Window Open competition he was commissioned to create a work based on the theme of “The Creation” at an RSA centre in Turin.
In 2004 he won the International Open competition for the memorial to “The Great Toro [Grande Toro]”. In 2005, he was among the winners for the placement of pictorial works in the Asti new Law Courts. In 2007 he planned and designed a large mosaic on the theme of “Acqua e Riso” “Water and Rice” at the Cultural Centre “Palazzo Del Moro, Mortara”.
He organises exhibitions and cultural events both in public and private zones, in collaboration with “Progetti di Immagine” “Image Projects” and “ARTEinOGNIDOVE” (“ARTisEVERYWHERE”).
In 1990 he thought up the exhibit, “Seven projects for seven Turin squares”, proposed urban works by ten architects.
In 1994 he brought together fifty-six architects in a show at the “Circolo Eridano” for the project “Design for the RIVER”, possible and utopian architectural solutions and urban furnishings, for the river Po in Turin.